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Site Update for Angela Fulcher

Angela Fulcher Indexhibit site

Angela Fulcher Indexhibit site

I recently updated the website of Visual Artist Angela Fulcher. She had an existing Indexhibit based site, and wanted a style tweek, improve typography, and integrate her content and galleries. I’ve used Indexhibit in the past, it’s a great tool for artists because of it’s straight-forward concentration on image galleries over other elements. Because it’s a CMS (content management system) you can upload new content, galleries, texts etc really easily. While the default style is still pretty nice, it’s possible to personalise the site with CSS, and a bit of PHP hacking.

If you’re looking for an Indexhibit site, I can set one up for you with an Artist-makers Online hosting plan, and can style it to your taste too. Just drop me a line.

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New Site for Neyde Lantyer


I’ve just finished off work on a new website for Neyde Lantyer, a Brazilian visual artist working with photography and installations. Currently, she lives in Amsterdam-Holland, where she develops her own projects while takes active role in art organizations and cultural enterprises. As an artist living between two countries, her artwork carries the influence of both her background in Brazil and her life in Holland.

See Neyde’s new website at:

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New website for Heather Finn Knitwear


Screen Shot 2013-05-22 at 17.47.06Artist-makers Online have just completed a website re-design for Heather Finn Knitwear. This early spring clean to Heather’s site fuses some of her existing branding elements and put them together with a new photoshoot, a wordpress theme customisation and a sleeker online shop. Some of the custom illustration and logo design was used in her work for years, but it has been dusted off, given a make-over and re-used. The result is a new site with a new feel, that employs her familiar branding in a new way, and acts as an effective hub for her overall online presence.

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New site for Award-winning Organic Farm


I just completed a site I’m very proud of for Beechlawn Organic Farm. As well as being a rural family-business, Beechlawn Farm supports the local and seasonal food production and is the kind of business we should all be supporting at this time!

The site highlights their Award-winning Fruit and Veg Box Scheme which has recently won the Bord Bia’s ‘National Organic Awards’, Organic Box Scheme of the Year 2010. The site includes an easy to use e-Commerce system for ordering your Box, which if you’re in their Free Delivery Area is dropped straight to your door at no extra cost!

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New Website for Una Gildea


Una is an artist and illustrator and uses animation, collage, painting and drawing in her work. She studied painting, drawing and print making at the Gerrit Rietveld Academy, Amsterdam and The School of Visual Arts, New York and animation at the University of the West of England, Bristol.

‘I love the madness of collage. A medium, in the manner I use it, that allows me to juxtapose recognizable found images and transformed cutouts in pictorial narratives that invite the viewer to apply their own stories. Narratives at once oddly recognizable, yet uncomfortably odd; narratives often downright obscene, whilst pushing the chuckle-button; narratives that always aim to open the chute direct to the subconscious, that provoke an intuitive, not literal, sense, of what’s going on. That is my own goal in their making and what I hope the viewer will respond to in the viewing.’

See her new site here.

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Artistmakers website for Orla Whelan

Orla Whelan Artist's Portfolio

Orla Whelan Artist’s Portfolio

Orla Whelan is a contemporary Irish artist. Her work deals primarily with the exploration and representation of subjectivity. Informed by personal experience, literature and art history, her work attempts to tease out the desire and compulsion to investigate the self, and its condition. Taking shared human experience as a departure point, she intuitively investigates the fields of memory, perception and representation.

See her new site here.

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Hopeful Structures


In 2009, Dublin City Council Arts office launched a new pilot initiative in the Red Stables Artists Studios (with the kind assistance of The Arts Council), to commission an emerging curator to plan and devise an outdoor exhibition of temporary artworks for Saint Anne’s Park.

For this year’s project invited curator, Sally Timmons has selected two artists to consider the notion of a folly (defined as an ornamental structure or building, whose creation reflects a whimsical inclination on the part of the builder). With this in mind, the artists Mark Clare and Fionnuala Hanahoe have developed artworks that will provide a physical and visual interference within the environs of the park, holding intrigue as visually stimulating yet seemingly futile functional structures.

The last two days of the project are this weekend, Saturday and Sunday from 12pm until 5pm. A closing reception for the project, Hopeful Structures will take place at The Red Stables Artists Studios in Saint Annes Park, Dublin from 4 – 6 pm this coming Saturday 3rd July

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Black Studio Projects is Live!


Performance artists Rachel Egan is using her new Artist-makers Online website and blog to bring together all her digital practices (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and MySpace) in one place under her Black Studio banner.

“Blackstudio ~ an online studio space ~  a place where work is blogged and documented~ images ~ stories ~ drawings ~ writings ~ installations ~ videos ~ thoughts~  Inspirations~ creative stuff! I have stories to tell! My right brain is demanding i tell stories.”

You can see you Rachel’s work here:

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Eugene O’Malley’s new artists site!


Stonemason, sculptor and painter Eugene O’Malley has built his new artist’s website with Artist-makers Online. From his artist’s statement: ‘I attempt to make work resembling the familiar sculptural forms of every day life and work. The pieces are a combination of organic and constructed forms with a strong emphasis on physical attributes such as its spatial relationships, weight and volume. I am intrigued by how a piece inhabits space, how it relates to where it sits…’.

His homepage is at

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  • The Printmakers Gallery

    I recently designed a website for The Printmakers Gallery, on Drury St, Dublin. It’s a responsive website, built on WordPress. The menu slides off to the left and the content resizes when it detects a smaller screen, like on a tablet or smart phone. Check out the site here: The Printmakers Gallery.

    Oranmore Castle website revamped!

    Oranmore Castle, in Oranmore, Co. Galway has benefited from a total redesign, to bring it up to date and in-line with the plans of its owners, artist Leonie King and musician, Alec Finn. Alec and Leonie are planning to make the Castle’s Great Hall available for events, to make it’s lodge (‘The Monkey House’) available […]
    Screen grab of Heather Finn Knitwear's new homepage

    Refreshed website for Heather Finn Knitwear

    I just completed a website redesign for Heather Finn Knitwear with a whole new shop / e-cart system and a whole new style. The refresh presents her new Autumn / Winter 2013 collection of beautiful cashmere and lambswool scarves, cardigans and accessories. Have a look at her site here!